intelligent technology paired with clever humans.

Our driving vision is to unlock the bigger picture for you – to make data accessible, immersive and instructive.

Using cutting-edge drone technology, we capture visual data from even the hardest to reach places.

Then, by mapping this data onto an interactive 3D digital canvas, airscopeTM gives you a crisp bird’s-eye view of your asset that’s as straightforward as it is comprehensive.

We’re not reinventing the wheel. We’re redefining it.

Chris Leslie Managing Director

every Airscope drone has an on-the-ground team.

which is comprised of:

  • TRAINED TECHNICIAN who really understands the asset (and can therefore make informed decisions about how best to capture the necessary information).
  • SPECIALISED PILOT who operates the aircraft within commercial aviation principles and standards, maintains situational awareness and manages the safety outcomes of the project.

This dynamic duo has it covered, facilitating and interpreting the extensive data the drone captures.
In fact,our team is knowledgeable in everything from engineering to information technology, data analysis and even photography.

No matter whether you’re engaging with our onsite crews, o ce sta or directors, we’re a team of personable problem solvers who are looking to nd the most cost-e ective end-to-end solutions for our clients.


you’re in safe hands with airscope.

Safety is of the utmost importance to us, with our Airscope drones being operated under strict safety regulations.

We follow a comprehensive set of procedures and work ows before, during and after the missions we y to ensure any associated risks are removed to the greatest extent possible.

Certified to y commercial drone technology by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and with over seven decades of combined aviation and inspecting experience, our professional inspection teams are trained to the highest operational standards.


realise the possibilities.

With visual data 32 times the quality of Google Earth, Airscope can read the manufacturing stamp on a single bolt at the top of a 35m power pole.

If the same bolt needs replacing, we can send you to its exact location within 2mm accuracy – even more precise than the engineering standard of 5mm.