airscope launches into oil and gas

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After our successful partnership with Aeronavics, association with TRAC Oil & Gas and a clear presence in the Facilities and Utilities industries, Airscope is expanding our services into the Australian Oil and Gas sector.

The upcoming Australasian Oil and Gas Convention represents Airscope’s formal debut into this industry. Our involvement in the three day event will include showcasing how our evolving skills and approach will uniquely impact Oil and Gas. With our success already proven our team is eagerly awaiting this launch as we penetrate into our third industry.

Bi-hourly demonstrations of our ‘airscoping’ service will be on display at the convention. These demos will highlight how our aircraft and data collecting capabilities have increased company efficiency whilst also decreasing net corporate costs in the other industries we service.

This is the perfect opportunity to create and build relationships and discover the future of the Australian Oil and Gas industry.

The team will be at Stall 302 throughout the whole of the AOG and are looking forward to sharing their successes, evolving capabilities and future goals with the conference over the coming days.