the services airscope offers

Airscope’s services include:

  • Inspections, audits and surveys that capture data from even the hardest to reach places
  • Lifecycle monitoring that will ensure the integrity of your asset through strategic, proactive maintenance and inspections
  • Digital 3D models that deliver your assets directly to your desktop, office or boardroom via a user-friendly interface
  • Analytics for identifying trends between multiple datasets and over time in order to better predict your maintenance requirements

discover the benefits of airscoping

Our clients now refer to the ability to collect visual data via aerial platforms as ‘airscoping’. Airscoping is:

  • Empowering – imparts critical knowledge that empowers your decision-making and allows you to undertake predictive, preventative maintenance
  • Cost-effective – saves money by minimising the risk of incidents (and their associated costs) and improving your ability to forward plan for maintenance expenditure
  • Efficient – saves time by reducing the man-hours and downtime required for inspections, while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency through smart, state-of-the-art technology
  • Safe – utilises low-risk, reliable technology that prevents client personnel from working in hazardous areas and minimises incubating danger points

airscoping across a range of industries

No matter your specific needs or requirements, Airscope translates across a range of industries and applications.

Our revolutionary technology and innovative approach allows us to inspect and monitor assets within the mining, oil and gas, utilities, agricultural infrastructure, maritime, commercial facilities, state and local government and renewable energy sectors.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you gain compelling insight into your asset. The possibilities are endless!