enriched, insightful data from airscope

Analytics refer to the process of collating information in a consistent form that enables you to layer and compare the data across time or projects.

We help unlock the bigger picture by interpreting multiple datasets to identify correlations and trends.

more data means sharper insights

In turn, these newfound insights empower you to make strategic, informed decisions and create increasing efficiencies in the way you operate and maintain your assets.

The more data we collect over time through repeat inspections, the more insight we can give you and the better decisions you can make.

We also:

power poles: an example

It’s a given that your assets are going to degrade because they’re exposed to the elements and other factors. But what if we could help you predict the areas of your asset that will degrade faster than others?

Take, for example, an expanse of power poles in a rural area. Say Airscope has determined through our inspections that the:

  • 3km of power poles nearest to the ocean degrading faster than those inland due to the salt-heavy environment
  • Extent of the affected area expands to 7km in winter due to the higher winds

Now that we’ve identified the parameters of the degradation, our client is able to strategically replace the current bolts with a hardier version that will minimise the replacement turnover.

This will save our client time and money by pinpointing exactly where their maintenance budget is best spent to keep everything running at peak efficiency.

airscope’s user-friendly reporting

Whether you’d prefer one of our 3D digital models or standard reports, Airscope’s traffic light system will give you a bird’s-eye view of your asset’s condition. We assign the colour:

  • Green for areas that are in prime working order > monitor
  • Orange for those requiring attention in the mid-to-long term > maintain
  • Red for areas that need immediate repair or replacement > replace

airscope: simple, flexible and suited to any industry

Airscope’s revolutionary technology and innovative approach allow us to inspect and monitor assets within a range of industries, including mining, oil and gas, utilities, agricultural infrastructure, maritime, commercial facilities, state and local government and renewable energy.