airscoping: the next generation of asset maintenance

With the ability to create an interactive 3D digital canvas of your asset with true to form scaling, Airscope brings you the next generation of asset maintenance.

Thanks to Geographic Information System (GIS) referencing, we can send you to the exact location of a specific piece of equipment.

It’s all part of our driving vision to unlock the bigger picture for you by making data accessible, immersive and instructive.

see what airscope can do

View a video demonstration of Airscope’s 3D model of the Fremantle powerhouse to see just what we can do:

airscope brings your asset into the boardroom

Having comprehensive, insightful data at your fingertips empowers you to make strategic and informed decisions at an executive level.

Airscope gives you a crisp, bird’s-eye view of your asset, no matter whether it’s a street or continent away. At the touch of a button, you’re able to filter and pinpoint the information you need.

Utilising the traffic light system, you can see the areas that are in prime working order (green), require attention in the mid-to-long term (orange) and need immediate repair or replacement (red).

As time progresses, the traffic light status of these various components change from green through to red depending on how immediately issues need to be addressed.

amplified, empowering data at your fingertips

This user-friendly interface enables you to:

  • Ensure safer operations by reducing the need for your personnel to work in high-risk areas, and detecting impending failures that will cause incidents in the future
  • Prioritise maintenance that needs to happen immediately or in the mid-to-long term, allowing for better scheduling of downtime and man-hours
  • Save money through our cost-effective approach that allows you to forward plan maintenance expenditure and prevent budget blow-outs from incidents
  • Increase efficiency by reducing the time taken for inspections, improving operational productivity and making strategic decisions via empirical data

It’s revolutionary technology that’s intelligently simple.

the possibilities are endless with airscope

Engaging Airscope to create a 3D digital model of your asset will increase the power of regular inspections and lifecycle monitoring.

Gathering layers of information through repeat inspections means you’re able to identify trends of degradation over time (e.g. stress points for wear and tear or systemic issues) in order to better predict your maintenance needs.

Our models can also be used to:

  • Determine an appropriate monitoring cycle that will ensure asset integrity
  • Forward plan expenditure over a specific timeframe
  • Anticipate downtime for your maintenance requirements
  • Predict asset failure and replacement timeframes
  • Plan for redevelopment (e.g. of existing infrastructure or the installation of new infrastructure)
  • Redesign parts
  • Conduct ‘walk-throughs’ of complex tasks and procedures

airscope: simple, flexible and suited to any industry

Airscope’s revolutionary technology and innovative approach allow us to inspect and monitor assets within a range of industries, including mining, oil and gas, utilities, agricultural infrastructure, maritime, commercial facilities, state and local government and renewable energy.