see your asset like never before with airscope

Airscope illuminates your business. How? Empowering data that provides a comprehensive snapshot of your assets in real-time.

Capturing data from the hardest to reach places, our state-of-the-art drone technology joins forces with a dedicated on-the-ground team who really understand the asset.

Throughout the project our trained inspector and specialist drone pilot facilitate and interpret the extensive data the drone captures so you see your asset like never before.

At 32x the resolution of Google Earth, Airscope’s visual data is so powerful that you can read the manufacturing stamp on a single bolt at the top of a 35m power pole.

airscope delivers empowering insight

With user-friendly diagnostics at the touch of a button, you’re able to see faults and potential issues so you can fix the anthill before it becomes an (expensive) mountain.

This crucial insight enables you to undertake strategic predictive and preventative maintenance that will minimise downtime, avoid incidents and see your assets running at optimum efficiency.

With Airscope, you can be proactive rather than reactive. The key is revolutionary technology that’s intelligently simple.

airscope: a safe, efficient and cost-effective alternative

Our innovative technology is a safer alternative for our clients by:

  • Removing the need for client personnel to access hazardous areas
  • Minimising the presence of unidentified danger points that can cause future incidents

It’s also extremely cost- and time-effective so you can collect data across a broader network of assets. In fact, we can reduce the time taken for inspections by up to 80%.

In addition to our air-based inspections we can also coordinate ground-based and below-ground inspections.

be in the know with airscope

Airscope can help you determine:

  • Asset identification – which assets you have in the field
  • Asset status – the condition your assets are in (and the associated risks)
  • Maintenance requirements – the type and extent of maintenance and/or repair you need to schedule
  • Lifecycle monitoring – an appropriate monitoring cycle to ensure your assets run at peak efficiency
  • Expenditure – your projected capital expenditure over a selected timeframe
  • Downtime – the anticipated downtime for your maintenance requirements
  • Asset replacement timeframes – when your assets will fail and need replacing

unbiased inspections to australian standards

Our clients also engage us to adhere to industry regulations and maintain their industry certifications.

All of our assessments are completed to Australian standards and as we’re a third party you can rest-assured that the information we provide you with is accurate and unbiased.

airscope: simple, flexible and suited to any industry

Airscope’s revolutionary technology and innovative approach allow us to inspect and monitor assets within a range of industries, including mining, oil and gas, utilities, agricultural infrastructure, maritime, commercial facilities, state and local government and renewable energy.