airscoping a new industry

We’re creating a new industry by revolutionising the way businesses receive, interact with and apply data. We want to empower you with valuable, game-changing insight into your assets.

The fast rate of growth and advancement in our industry means that we need innovators, lateral thinkers and people who are ready to think outside the box and challenge the status quo.

That’s just what you’ll find at Airscope – a team of personable problem solvers who are looking to find the most cost-effective end-to-end solutions for our clients.

Our team includes:

collaboration is key

Airscope strongly believes in fostering a collaborative company culture where team members are supported, encouraged to share their ideas and work together to find solutions.

At the core of our achievements is the understanding that we strive and succeed together.

you’re in safe hands with airscope

Safety is of the utmost importance to us, with our Airscope drones being operated under strict safety regulations. We follow a comprehensive set of procedures and workflows before, during and after the missions we fly to ensure any associated risks are removed to the greatest extent possible.

Certified to fly commercial drone technology by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and with over seven decades of combined aviation and inspecting experience, our professional inspection teams are trained to the highest operational standards.

As part of our commitment to ensuring safe work environments, Airscope has developed a customised Pre-flight Safety Checklist that’s carried out in conjunction with an Operational Safety Assessment for every project we’re engaged on.

We understand that the only way to ensure safety and mitigate risk is to instil a strong safety culture throughout our team where we actively encourage safety reporting and risk management.

Airscope’s specialised drone technology also saves client personnel from having to access these often dangerous places.