airscope’s inspectors: qualified and in the know

With backgrounds in engineering and building inspections across a range of industries, our trained inspectors are able to identify the asset’s material properties, key weaknesses and potential limitations.

In a nutshell, they know what to look for and how to spot it.

delivering what airscope’s clients need

Airscope’s inspectors use a live data feed to facilitate the accurate collection of data. They also continuously evaluate the process in order to direct the pilot towards areas that require closer attention. Basically, it’s their job to cultivate insightful information for our clients.

Communication is key here, as the inspector works with the pilot to ensure the aircraft is in the correct position during data capture. Throughout the project they also help maintain crew situational awareness and assist the pilot with the safety outcomes and execution of the mission.

use one of our inspectors or your own

Airscope strongly believes in collaboration. That’s why we offer our clients the option of using their own Subject Matter Expert (SME) as the inspector for their project.

We then train our clients’ inspectors on how to control the drone sensors and communicate with our pilot to gather the information they require.

airscope’s inspectors report valuable insight

Our inspectors are also responsible for generating the reports that give Airscope’s clients a comprehensive, real-time snapshot of their facilities. In turn, this offers our clients valuable insight into their immediate and ongoing maintenance requirements.