the use of uav/drone technology in commercial industries

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Commercial industries (Mining, Oil & Gas, Maritime and Utilities to name a few) are starting to become aware of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology and its potential for improving efficiency and safety of their future operations.

Companies like BHP already use autonomous technologies to drive large mine site equipment while offshore companies use Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) to conduct underwater operations. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the use of UAVs will be another complementary technology.

Presently emphasis is being placed on technology providing all the solutions, with people selling UAV technology as an all-inclusive solution. However, the UAV itself is just a tool that forms part of an integrated service.

For example, rather than marketing Boeing 737s for flights between Sydney and Melbourne, airline Qantas sells a full solution. They enable travellers to fly from Sydney to Melbourne safely, with experienced flight crew, efficient and friendly cabin crew, food and a comfortable cabin – all at a reasonable price.

Similarly, UAV service providers will find their place in the market by providing a holistic service that replaces the need for human access to dangerous, inaccessible or hard to reach places.

The UAV will act as a tool to extract vital information, providing companies with the ability to get information, process data accurately and allow people to make informed and proactive decisions.